Episode 1
From Excavator to Gold Digger: Gold Nuggets discovered on our Construction Site.

A special discovery was made whilst construction works were being carried out on our premises. A team of workers stumbled upon gold nuggets with a value of several thousand euros. You can view the corresponding report from RegionalNews 24 and some photos from the discovery site here. We will keep you updated about further news.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Construction workers made a special discovery in the Vogtland region of Lengenfeld today. Whilst carrying out groundworks close to a recreational park, they stumbled upon several gold nuggets. One of the workers happened to be filming the discovery on his smart phone. The construction company announced that three nuggets with a total weight of 90 grams were found. This is equivalent to a value of approximately 3,000 euros. How the gold found its way onto the construction site, to whom it belongs and whether there is perhaps more of it on the premises is still currently unclear. The owner of the land announced a stoppage of the construction works and further investigations. The local police ask potential bystanders and fortune hunters to refrain from travelling to the location of the event.

That was the Regional-News 24.
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