Episode 2
Gold discovery in Plohn

A few weeks ago, construction workers in the Amusement park Plohn in the region Vogtland did make a sensational
discovery. In earthworks, they came across several Gold Nuggets. Now, further research has yet to be done more interesting things were brought to light. Apparently, the area around the city Lengenfeld does have a golden past.

Gold discovery in Plohn

Newsreader: How the gold arrived at the building site, who it belongs to and whether there might be any more on the site is currently still unclear.

Voice over: This is Carsten Knoblich. While rummaging through his attic he found some mementoes showing that a gold rush took place in the Lengenfeld area some 130 years ago.

Carsten Knoblich: Well, I’d never really thought about it, but when I saw the report in the news I realised that this couldn’t be a fairy tale. I found this picture right here, in our attic. In the photo you can see my great-great-grandfather, Wilhelm, and his pals, and it also clearly documents that he was looking for gold here in the Plohn area, and must have struck lucky.

Voice over: Old photographs from the 1890s show the hustle and bustle of hundreds of hopeful prospectors in the local region. These images and documents also fit with the findings unearthed by the excavations in Plohn Leisure Park.

Carsten Knoblich: Could my great-great-grandfather Wilhelm have hidden gold in the attic? And is there actually still an old gold mine in Lengenfeld?

Voice over: An insider source has suggested to us that there have already been further breathtaking finds.